Military Tactical Gear Designed to Meet the Mission—ARG Tactical Is Your First Responder
Readiness is your mission. And fulfilling your mission is our commitment. Based in Arizona, ARG Tactical is your partner in single-source distribution of military tactical gear and deployment equipment to the military, defense industry, and law enforcement agencies. From global warfare to the Forest Service, our service-disabled veteran-owned small business is your open door to any equipment your unit requires, including night vision, thermal, body armor, boots, helmets, knives, communication equipment, weapon accessories, and more. With a broad array of distribution inventory and procurement options, our dedicated team has the knowledge to bring you the most cost-effective gear that will meet the mission requirements.

Military and Civilian Medical Supplies and Equipment – ARG Medical Is Your Expert
Your healthcare organization’s primary goal is to acquire the best possible product for your patient’s treatment as well as the best possible product for the organization’s budget. ARG Medical has the competence and knowledge needed at any level, whether it is identifying the most cost effective institutional high volume product, sourcing a singular piece of diagnostic equipment, or creating custom trauma kits for your infantry unit. Let ARG Medical evaluate your organization’s needs and provide a detailed analysis where costs can be reduced while simultaneously improving the level of quality of supplies used at every stage of treatment or care.